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Ellies has over 10 000 individual products in its range, from terrestrial antennae and satellite equipment to television, audio, small household appliances, domestic electrical and telephone accessories. In addition, Ellies distributes and rents premium-quality electrical and electrical equipment under the 'Ellies' brand, and satellite and associated equipment under the 'ElSat' brand.

The Ellies range includes power-generation products such as generators and power inverters. The 2008 acquisition of Megatron Federal added power management and electrical switchgear and mini-substation manufacture and supply —this continues to be a key component of the group especially as exports to Africa soar.

Synergies and Vertical Integration

Ellies controls its product from manufacture, in most instances, to on-the-shelf delivery. By controlling the packaging, marketing, sales and distribution of both its own manufactured and imported products, Ellies meets its promise of timely, professional service to the customer and consistent, affordable quality for consumers.

Group operations span a number of focus areas:

Manufacturing and engineering:

  • Aluminium and plastics manufacturing
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Light metal engineering

Manufacture, import and distribution of:

  • Terrestrial television reception products
  • Satellite television reception products
  • Ellies electrical and small household appliance products
  • Ellies audio equipment and accessories

Group services:

  • Ellies Corporate Services
  • ElSat full maintenance finance and rentals
  • Packaging and marketing
  • Sales and merchandising
  • Distribution/logistics

Import, distribution and installation of:

  • 1kVa to 2mVa generators (petrol and diesel)
  • 120 to 1200W power inverters

Ellies Power Products:

  • Renewable energy through solar products such as water heating, solar lighting and solar power generation

Megatron Federal:

  • Power management, electrical switch-gear and mini-substation manufacture and supply
  • Large power generation
  • Turnkey electrical project engineering and design solutions for low, medium and high voltage electrical systems
  • Installation and commisioning of low, medium and high voltage equipment
Synergies and Vertical Integration

Product Overview

Terrestrial TV reception products

TV antennae, related amplifiers and signal-distribution products are manufactured and distributed from the Ellies ISO 9001 certified production facility in Johannesburg


Ellies manufactures, imports and distributes a range of electronic telecommunications and related accessories including land-line telephone and computer accessories, electronic components for the independent repair and service maintenance market.


The group imports, manufactures and distributes a wide range of universal remote controls and remote control extenders, including the popular 'Remote Blaster'.


The group launched a range of small household appliances in Jan / Feb of 2010 that include kettles, irons, toasters, fan heaters, hair clippers and sandwich makers.

The product is "imported" and quality ensured to meet the requirements of the IEC & NRCS and all product has been issued with letters of authority by the NRCS.

All products are distributed through leading retail and independent outlets nationally.

Satellite TV reception products

ElSat is the largest distributor of domestic satellite equipment in southern Africa, facilitating installations nationwide through its call centres and established relationships with reputable independent installers who benefit through the pre-paid installation voucher system pioneered by Ellies.

ElSat manufactures the two popular dish sizes and imports the wider-sized range, and has become the largest distributor for the pay-TV groups. ElSat is a low-margin business balanced by low overheads and high-volume sales.


The group specialises in domestic electric products sych as plugs, extensions cords and multiplugs that are distributed to most leading retailers and independent outlets.

Alternative power solutions

Ellies is also active in the alternative power solutions market, offering generators —from 1kVa petrol units to 2mVa diesel units for both domestic and commercial use and inverters. The group manufactures its own range of power inverters specially designed to work in extreme african conditions.

Synergies and Vertical Integration

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