Ellies Renewable Energy

The Ellies Renewable Energy Division operates out of their new offices in the south of Johannesburg. An old industrial building in Eloff Street extension was converted and is used as a showcase as to how a building can be transformed into an environmentally friendly and energy efficient structure complete with solar panels, a wind generator and other energy efficient products. On top of the roof a complete RDP house has been built as an example of how such a house can operate entirely independently of a typical electric supply.

South Africa is facing unique challenges regarding rising energy costs, maintaining water quality and managing waste. Over time Ellies has developed core competencies which can be utilised to tackle and initiate energy saving programs and environmental projects and not wanting to get lost in the multitude of suppliers entering this industry Ellies has a unique position. The plan is to set up a renewable energy division in each branch across the country, taking full advantage of our distribution capability. A number of key strategic and international technological partners will become apparent as the division is launched and grows into the future.

Ellies has registered two carbon credit programs using Ecometrix as the carbon consultant specialists. Carbon credits were established after a number of countries adopted the Kyoto protocol and offer Ellies a unique way of utilising international funds to make marginal projects viable. We have chosen the right partners to deliver on our commitments and are excited about the prospects these credits can make possible.

The sales and technical team will be focused on offering solutions to home owners, small and medium businesses and large businesses in a number of product spheres within the renewable energy sector including:

Renewable Energy
  • Solar water heating
  • Heat pumps
  • Space heating
  • Photovoltaic solutions
  • Power storage
  • Wind generators
  • Power electronics
  • Solar water pumps
  • Energy efficient DIY products
  • Efficient lighting
  • Waste management
  • Water conservation
  • Measurement and verification
Solar and Wind Power

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