Environmental Management System

Our Environmental Management System (EMS) is a comprehensive system designed to integrate minimisation of energy and water usage in our operations in order to converse suppliers, minimise our consumption of natural resources, adverse environmental impacts and wholly support and comply with the requirements of National Environmental Management Act (NEMA).  EMS has become a culture to Ellies and we have found it fitting to incorporate the NEMA requirements within our organisational plans, strategies, and budgets.

This Environmental Management System was developed in accordance with the ISO 140001 standard, with the support of Senior Management. The environmental management system has two areas of focus: environmental compliance and environmental sustainability.


  • The environmental compliance aspect of the EMS consists of regulatory compliance and monitoring programs.
  • The environmental sustainability aspect promotes and integrates sustainability initiatives such as energy savings and natural resource preservation, waste minimization, and use of eco-friendly products and services into all phases of our work.

Our EMS Policy is governed by Environmental Management framework which is the keystone of our EMS.  Our policy addresses environmental impact, environmental management, environmental reporting,climate change (to the extent that we are involved), Stakeholder’s involvement, engagement and reporting, Community involvement, Board of Director’s commitment, including Corporate Code of Conduct, broader economic issues, and our pursuit moving towards sustainability. 

Through EMS, we aim to consistently meet our environmental goals and commitments as a result of suitable and comprehensive planning, adequate implementation, regular checking and effective corrective action.

Our objective is not only to attain better compliance assurance but also expand environmental performance in areas such as resource conservation, energy efficiency, water- use efficiency, hazardous and non-hazardous waste reduction, and mitigation of impacts associated with noise, and dust.

We believe our environmental practices should be our way of life, our culture.  Hence we have ensured that our environmental responsibilities are incorporated into job descriptions, to instil a culture change. We believe we have in place a strong environmental management system that guides our compliance efforts.  It is based on a corporate-wide environmental policy for which all employees are responsible.