Employment equity

Ellies' places particular emphasis on the development and training of its people, and will endeavour to ensure that employees are offered equal opportunity and appropriate participation.

BBBEE and transformation

BBBEE in the group is in excess of 6%.


Ellies is committed to promoting the highest standards of ethical behaviour among all its employees and business associates.


Ellies' recognises that its activities have an impact on the environment. Ellies' has adopted a strategy that strives to minimise this impact by regularly reviewing its activities and compliance with all relevant legislation.

The group's direct activities do not pose any threat to the environment in which it operates. The activities do not generate any significant pollution that may require the future rehabilitation of land or cause other environmental effects harmful to the surrounding communities.

Corporate social responsibility

As a participant in the SA economy, the company acknowledges its responsibility towards the community. Where appropriate there is participation in programmes aimed at education, training or the improvement of previously disadvantaged communities.

Examples of such participation would include:

  • A partner in “Township TVâ€?. Township TV aims to provide the Townships of South Africa with a unique form of entertainment, in a safe and secure environment, at no cost to the people, by installing Big Screen TV's in strategic locations within the Township Communities. There are currently 12 of these venues country wide
  • Ellies Installer Schools. The Installer Training School was established with the purpose of empowering the unemployed and potential entrepreneurs in South Africa. The school assists learners to acquire business and life skills and also empowers them with the skills to install aerial, satellite and sound systems. To date, Ellies has equipped over 200 learners with installation skills

Health and safety

Ellies' acknowledges its responsibility to its employees and complies with applicable legislation regarding quality, safety, health and the environment. We aim to provide and maintain, as far as practicably possible, a working environment that is safe without material risk to the health of our employees.

During the past year we had no fatalities and only a few minor injuries of staff whilst on duty. The group however aims to have zero incidents and accordingly these incidents, although considered minor, were fully investigated and corrective action taken where necessary.

Staff are issued the necessary safety equipment, and trained in the use thereof, for use in potential risk areas such as exposure to chemicals or noisy processes. These potential risk areas are reviewed and tested on a regular basis to ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

All operations have trained first aid staff members that undergo certification on a regular basis. Where appropriate the operations offer outsourced on-site medical services.