Ellies Holdings is made up of a number of extraordinary and strong brand names in South Africa including:



Ellies products are brand leaders in South Africa in their respective fields of electronics and electrical, television reception products including antennas, decoders, satellite dishes, industrial audio, renewable energy solutions, power generation, transmission and power distribution.

Ellies is a company which has operated in South Africa for more than 30 years and over the years has come to be recognised for:

  • Excellent product diversification
  • A leading and trusted brand name in the South African electronics market with substantial market penetration
  • To be uniquely positioned to benefit from digital terrestrial television (DTT)
  • A business positioned for growth opportunities in Southern Africa
  • Having a wide geographic base of operation
  • A highly experienced team
  • Leading distribution capabilities
  • An ability to identify market opportunities
  • A company conscientious about cash management